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Relaxing symphonic, chamber, solo classical music selections. A stream of familiar classics featuring just quiet classical music selections for home or office ambiance. From a source of composer and performer biographies and news.

My favorite classical music selections throughout the day and night. Some complete performances from recordings of the mid 20th century. Many favorite short pieces from my old LP collection. Enjoy! Please write through "SHOUTOUT" on the Live 365 Station Page.-"R A Campbell"

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Need classical music

by disky1

I know nothing about classical music so I would appreciate recommendations from people who are familiar with it. I would like soft, relaxing music for during the day while I work in a high-stress office position; mostly all instrumental. Tried Vivaldi's Four Seasons and it's just not what I'm looking for. I currently have Winter Solstice II on, and George Winston's Forest up next. I found "Songs from A Secret Garden" and that's really good. I have some yoga and new age CDs; some are good, but I don't care for the high-pitched Middle East music.
Any light opera music that might be suitable?
For now I'm borrowing whatever looks good at the library

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Denon Records Ultimate Most Relaxing Classical Music in Universe
Music (Denon Records)

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Why is classical music good for babies?

Reading to a baby and playing classical music helps to stimulate the child's mental development. !

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