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Ok, so I'm trying to start a blog to post reviews of classical music concerts on, in the vague hope that one day I might actually get paid for writing this stuff...
I'm stuck on a title, It was originally my name, and then 'music journalism' but that's a bit boring, ideally what I'd like is some sort of clever pun on an opera character, or composer's name, or cultural phenomena associated with classical music, or something clever that when I apply for jobs will make me look really witty.
I thought of 'dances about architecture' from the Elvis Costello quote 'writing about music is like dancing about architecture', and I also thought of something stupid like 'stockhausen's bit on the side' since he had a load of affairs, but obviously these are crap and I could do potentially better.
Anyway, please post any ideas (no matter how embarrassing you think they are) and if I end up using it I shall ensure I give you some kind of metaphorical e-prize.
pq xx

@The Pentacle Queen,

How about 'Tip toe thru the Music (or Notes)' It would create a giggle any ways.

Classic Fanatic
Imperfect Concert In Perfect Concert.


Phantom of the Symphony (Phantom of the Opera)

Dances With Arias (Dances with Wolves)

Fiddle While You Work (Whistle while you work)

Pentacle Queen's Opus (Mr. Holland's Opus)

Allegro and Old Lace (Arsenic and Old Lace)

Chamber Music on a Half Shell (a play on the half shell shaped bowl that many orchestras use as their venue for outdoor concerts)

Symphony Haul
(as a play on Symphony Hall, and to indicate that your reviews are "a haul" from the concert stage)

(indicates a light, amusing mood, suggests the blog is a pleasant musical diversion to read)

Bach to Basics

Postcards from the Pit
(as in orchestra pit)

The Music Chamber
Musings from the Music Chamber

The View From the Stalls

The Music Beat
(play on the word "beat" as also being the route for a sentry or policeman...or music critic)

These are off the top of my head. I'll keep thinking.

Symphony of Symphonies (I can just see it with the right font taking advantage of those y's and S's too...)


dances about architecture

I actually like this one a lot! From a "marketing" standpoint it might not be the wisest choice; I can imagine someone Googling for music blogs, finding a hit with the title "Dancing about Architecture" and passing over it since it sounds like a blog on anything but music. Still, I like it.

The only other thing I can think of right now is "Symphony Fantastic, " after Berlioz of course and particularly appropriate for a concert review site.

I really like Bach to Basics. lol

@Bella Dea,

Ooh, speaking of Bach: "A Musical Offering"

Symphonic Variations
Interrupted Serenade (after Debussy's prelude)
Despina's (for no other reason than that I have the image of the neon diner sign from Peter Sellar's production in my head)


The Metro Gnome
(I'm sort of fond of this one)

The Hills Are Alive.
(should make readers think of the rest of the line, "with the sound of music")

String Theory - Theory of everything musical. The Pentacle Piper for all the musical rats.

Madame Croche (after Debussy's nom de plume as a music critic)
Florebius and Eusestan (corruption of Schumann's noms de plume as a music critic)

The rabbit hole: Queenie in Musicland

My first thought was Pentacle Queen's Music-with "Pentacle Queen" replaced by your real name. The reason it was my first thought is the analogy with George Bernard Shaw's book "Shaw's Music", which classical-music lovers in London will recognize.

Classical LPs

by JoeDS

Without knowing the exact titles, etc., it's hard to venture a guess. However, among record collectors, classical LPs as well as 78s are normally at the bottom of the list. I've been involved with antique phonographs/records for about 30 years now, and in all that time, I've only met about three or four people who specifically look for classical recordings. Most collectors I know look for (now famous) early jazz/blues artists, especially those who recorded on a limited basis, but whose style had a lasting impact.
Since you are located in San Francisco, you might want to pay a visit to some of the many old record shops that stock LPs and check their prices

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Various Artists: A Rough Guide to Indian Classical Music  — PopMatters
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For classical music, vinyl is slow to revive  — Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Classical music fans have stuck with physical formats at a higher rate than other genres, such as rock, which has migrated more to digital.

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