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We recently discovered this goldmine of classic RuPaul music, back from his club kid days, so we wanted to share these tunes for everyone to enjoy! The music videos were all recorded sometime in the 1980s and we’ve been able to find these ten sexy and funky tracks (warning: some videos are NSFW):

  • “Sex Freak”
  • “In My Neighborhood”
  • “Ping Ting Ting”
  • “This is My Life”
  • “The Mack”
  • “Shake Your Starrbooty”
  • “Follow Me”
  • “Mr. Totally”
  • “Ghetto Love”
  • “Starrbooty’s Revenge”
  • “Voyeur”
  • “Starrbooty”

Watch the video playlist below and let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!

9 Classic RuPaul as a Club Kid Music Videos (Playlist)

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Both- I do enjoy "gay" classic dance music- i.e.

by psb1969

70's disco and 80's " gay club" music. However, I am not a fan of Barbra Streisand nor Judy Garland. I do like Cher and Shirley Bassey, though. I'm not the typical, slim, pretty boy , limp wristed feminine type. Being latino, I don't act "macho" and tough around straight people nor do I "flame" it. I do enjoy campy gay humor with friends. I'm not an anal clean freak, though, i do tidy up.
Basically, I see myself as gay,down to earth and average.

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