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Calm Classical Music

Piano Concerto No. 21 – Andante “Elvira Madigan” was finished on March 9, 1785 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (listen to this piece here). It is characterized by three movements; Allegro maestoso, Andante in F major, and Allegro vivace assai (Wiki Piano Concerto No. 21). This song is slow and smooth with dramatic rising and falling of scales. It reminds me of the movement of a ballerina; smooth, careful, precise, and full of emotion. This is one of Mozart’s more well-known pieces. He completed it when his was 29 years old while living and preforming in Vienna (Wiki Mozart).

The pleasure of enjoying music was usually awarded to aristocrats and nobles in the upper classes. During the Classical era, however, a rise in the wealth of the middle class due to industrialization gradually changed the audience of these great composers ( This opened the floor to composers who no longer had to adhere to the specific tastes of their patrons. They were now able to expand the style of music that was more accessible to the lower and middle classes. The middle class wanted a simple, yet organized and serious form of music; characteristics which came to form the Symphony and Sonata. The increased demand of this new Classical style music led to a growth of public concerts. It is important to remember that patronage from the aristocracy did not stop completely; it was still a significant means of income for the composers (Radio Prague).

I like this piece because it is very relaxing, melodic, and reminds me of the ballet. I also have a long standing love for classical music. I started playing flute when I was about 10 or 11 but stopped in high school when I moved to California because of the lack of a good quality music program. I have regretted that decision ever since. I was hoping, when doing research for this blog, I would come across some sort of influence for this piece. Surely Mozart must have been thinking about something when he was composing it!




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A new use for classical music

by Bartleby_the_Scriv

Classical music and social control
Twilight of the yobs
Jan 6th 2005
From The Economist print edition
How classical music helps keep order
THE question of how to control yobbish behaviour troubles many. One increasingly popular solution is classical music, which is apparently painful to teenage ears. Co-op, a chain of grocery stores, is experimenting with playing classical music outside its shops, to stop youths from hanging around and intimidating customers. It seems to work well. Staff have a remote control and “can turn the music on if there's a situation developing and they need to disperse people”, says Steve Broughton of Co-op

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Popular Q&A

Why is classical music good for babies?

Reading to a baby and playing classical music helps to stimulate the child's mental development. !

Why do some professionals recommend listening to classical music for babies

Professionals recommend listening to classical music for babies because of the Mozart effect. A study had shown that college students who listened to Mozart before a test performed better.

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