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This is a particularly long overture to an opera, lasting about 12 minutes. It is in 4 parts (last part above), and the last three are very well known: a depiction of a storm, with a famous trombone passage; the morning after the storm, “a call to the cows, ” and “a call to arms.” It is now said as a joke that a musicologist is someone who can listen to this finale and not think of The Lone Ranger, because the producers chose the finale as its theme. It’s primarily anapestic (short-short-LONG), which is an instant galloping horse rhythm.

This Overture wouldn’t be nearly as famous today, were it not for the Warner Brothers’ Looney Tunes cartoons. And you’re sure to see Bugs and Daffy and Porky and Elmer credited at least once more on this list. The storm and morning-after sections are in loads of Chuck Jones’s best works.


Minuet in G Major

Christian Petzold

Everyone thought for centuries that Johann Sebastian Bach composed this minuet for his wife, Anna Magdalena, but he actually included it from Petzold into the notebook which bears her name. He never intended it to be thought of as his work. He intended the notebooks only for his wife, who had musical talent he wanted to cultivate. She often copied his scores for his orchestras. The pieces in the notebooks are comparatively easy to play, and the only reason we think of the piece as Bach’s work is because, on his death, his wife was so poor she sold all his manuscripts that she could find. Some went to butchers to wrap meat.

Every few years, a piece of music by Bach shows up in some dusty corner of a German church. Originals have even been found in America. But the minuet is not his. Petzold was a fairly popular composer in his day, slightly preceding Bach. He wrote the minuet sometime around 1721 and died in 1733. Bach wrote all the compositions in Notebook 1, and compiled other composers’ works into Notebook 2. It saved time and effort, and he never meant for them to be published. Not much of Petzold’s work has survived, but he was one of the finest organists in the world in his day, even third or second to Bach.


Andrea Bocelli's music

by 2bemarried

For those who love Italian classical music, I've just discovered two songs by Andrea Bocelli that are perfect for weddings...
"Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro)" which is a duet with Sarah Brightman (the original Christine from 'Phantom of the Opera'). Oh, and before you comment on the song name, it's a song about leaving behind what you knew and embarking on a new adventure with someone. It just so happens that the title in English is rather sad sounding.
"Sogno (Dream)" which Andrea won best foreign song of 1999 for at the Music Awards. It's basically about a man who promises to wait for his love, and in the end, she appears to him

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Why is classical music good for babies?

Reading to a baby and playing classical music helps to stimulate the child's mental development. !

Why do some professionals recommend listening to classical music for babies

Professionals recommend listening to classical music for babies because of the Mozart effect. A study had shown that college students who listened to Mozart before a test performed better.

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