The Temptations were the

Temptations Christmas music

In the world of Motown, no proverbial stone was left unturned and no market untapped. This especially rang true during the holiday season, as yearly the label would flood the record store shelves with holiday records from many of its most popular artists. This Temptations session leads off with their most renowned holiday classic, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." Most of the other holiday standards here are easily forgettable and underwhelming. Christmas Card is not as fantastic as Give Love on Christmas Day or any of the other budget-line holiday compilations available from the Temptations, so unless you're a die-hard collector, it might be best to skip this one.

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Music for sad hearts?

by goodfriend-

My mother in law is going through an awful divorce and she is so depressed. She is trying to maintain her great sense of humor.
I know that in past bad breakups, good music has soothed the soul. I made her a mix CD with some great songs, but want to get her something great for christmas.
I am looking for a jazzy, bluesy, swingy CD.
Any suggestions?

Motown Best of Temptations Christmas
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Motown Give Love At Christmas
Digital Music Album (Motown)
Silent Night
TV Series Episode Video on Demand
2008 Ameritz Music Limited Someday At Christmas (In The Style Of The Temptations)
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Santa Claus
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