Soul Christmas music

When you grow up listening to black radio, Christmas songs sound a little different … a little more soulful. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that my favorite holiday tunes weren’t created by folks like Bing Crosby or Pat Boone. (And I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels this way.)

In honor of the impending festivities, here’s a look at my seven favorite soul-tinged Xmas tracks. (I know you’ve got some, too. Feel free to share.)

"I Can Hardly Wait For Christmas": We’ll start things off with a fairly recent classic — from the 1990s — by that iconic crew the O’Jays. It’s new-ish, but it’s still a must-hear tune.

"Christmas Just Ain't Christmas Without the One You Love": OK, here’s another one by the O’Jays … and this one is a lot older (think 1960s). The O’Jays have been doing it for a minute now.

"Happy Holidays to You": This next one is by The Whispers, a group known mostly for sporting some big-ass mustaches and crazy beards.

"Let It Snow": Boyz II Men isn’t the hottest band right now, but at the height of the former quartet’s popularity, they dropped this hot one for the cold weather months.

"Santa Claus, Go Straight to the Ghetto": All right, next up is a truly funky one by “Mr. Dynamite” himself — James Brown. (And don’t forget about the James Brown tribute party tonight.)

"What Do the Lonely Do at Christmas?": Was that last one too funky for you? Well, here’s a mellower one by the hit-making trio known as The Emotions.

"This Christmas": OK, lastly on my list is the greatest Christmas song ever — by the late Donny Hathaway. I defy you to challenge me on this. If you don’t agree, just be content with the fact that you are dead wrong … period. Happy holidays!

Music for sad hearts?

by goodfriend-

My mother in law is going through an awful divorce and she is so depressed. She is trying to maintain her great sense of humor.
I know that in past bad breakups, good music has soothed the soul. I made her a mix CD with some great songs, but want to get her something great for christmas.
I am looking for a jazzy, bluesy, swingy CD.
Any suggestions?

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