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Scottish Christmas music

Any of the elements of the Christmases of the Celtic countries are the same. If you have already read through the other countries, you will know how this one is going to go, with books to put you in the right spirit, music to set the 'tone'! (forgive the pun here!), decorating ideas and customs to follow.

First the Decorations. Scotland tended to hang evergreens, the holly particularly. But My Scottish Tree is decorated with bows made from many different tartans. A strip of cloth is all you need. from 1" to 8" widths and around 18" to 4' long. Then I select plain enamelled baubles in different sizes to compliment to colours of the tartans, from black (yes they do work!) to rich greens, reds, deep gold, and blues. For the tree top I put a teddy bear with a tartan beret! But you could use a large tartan bow, or a simple star.

Next the music. The most traditional one is Hogmanay Party by Jimmy MacLeod and his band. Rousing and foot-tapping, you can sing, dance or just turn this one down for background music. A must for a Scottish Christmas party!

A good all-rounder with carols like Taladh Chriosta, Scottish songs and music such as New Year's Day and Bottom of the Punch Bowl, well blended with some of the more popular carols such as God Rest ye Merry, Gentlemen. Many of which you can hear a sample of at the music site.

To read I recommend Silver Bough vol.3. Calendar of Scottish National Festivals - Halloween to Yule. This one has all the customs for you to follow, many of which are very old. A must for anyone who is of Scottish ancestry and wishes to live the seasons as their forefathers did! This book is available through IBS Bookshop, from this site.

Also, if you can find it, The Scottish Yule an American publication by Francis Thompson, who has written many other Scottish books. This does not appear on the pages of either IBS or Amazon, that I could find, but is the best book of Scottish Christmas and Hogmanay customs. Try Amazons out of print book service if you cannot find it on their pages. Published in 1987 by Scoters, Burton Mills, Virginia. 26525. Please mention this site - they dont know us, but maybe they should!

You must have a Scottish Shortbread on your table. You can make it, or buy the real McCoy. Black Bun, and a Venison Stew would set the right feel at the table.


This cake in a crust is the traditional New Year cake in Scotland. Every housewife has her own variations. This one is from a family recipe book

Preparation First make a 1lb weight of short crust pastry your usual method. Leave to chill.

Take a springform (if possible) cake tin, and line with baking parchment. Set aside.

My daughter's awakening...

by NewMsLoree

My kids are so cool... Lis is from my daughter's livejournal page:
Losing My Religion
Every time I go to church, I hate organized religion more and more. Especially Christianity. Perfect example today at church.
Today was our special Christmas service. There was a Celtic-Christian fiddle player. At first, I thought he kind of sucked, but I'm not about hating, and he had some skill, so it was starting to grow on me. That is, until, he began talking about how he got into play Christian music. 'Blah blah law school blah blah record deal blah blah

Maggie's Music A Scottish Christmas
Music (Maggie's Music)
  • By Bonnie Rideout, an internationally-acclaimed performer
  • This CD contains traditional Scottish carols, wassail tunes, strathspeys and reels
  • A must have addition to your collection
  • Published by Mel Bay
  • Total time 60:24 minutes

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Compendia A Highland Christmas
Music (Compendia)
Revels Records Rose & Thistle: English and Scottish Music from The Christmas Revels
Music (Revels Records)
Jim Shore for Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek from Enesco Scottish Santa Figurine 6.75 IN
Home (Jim Shore for Enesco)
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Scotdisc Scottish Christmas Celebration
DVD (Scotdisc)
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  • All music products are properly licensed and guaranteed authentic.

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