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Choral Christmas music

Male Choir Christmas Recordings

This is how some of these songs were meant to be sung. Male ensembles, large and small, belting out or softly delivering centuries-old or modern holiday pieces… These aren’t just albums, they’re holidays-in-a-CD-case! Gregorian and Sarum chant, Canadian, American, Australian and European carols, Tchaikovsky, Biebl, Lauridsen and works by many others whose names you know, and whose music you love. This is some of the most fun you can have with Christmas music that doesn’t actually involve singing it yourself – sit back with your feet up, a snug afghan on your lap, a cozy fire in the fireplace (yes, even if it’s June), and drink it all in!

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Good point...what music has

by cdub

Made such an impact as some of the BEST ideas?
How about...Amazing Grace, Silent Night, We Shall Overcome, Handel's Messiah, and the choral movement of Beethoven's 9th if you are looking for enduring classics that have impacted millions.
However, I think hearing songs like "The Last Time I Saw Paris," "White Cliffs of Dover," and "I'll be Home for Christmas" would mightly impact some folks who survived the European theatre of WWII.
"Great ideas" have also highjacked music to serve its own Hitler did using Wagner's music.
So in Jessye Norman's spectacular recording as Isolde

Warner Classics Classic Christmas Carols
Digital Music Album (Warner Classics)

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Telarc Songs of Angels - Christmas Hymns and Carols
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Collegium Rutter: Christmas Star, A Christmas Festival
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